CND Shellac

CND Shellac nail treatment
The original and only power polish, empowering you, the real woman, with 14+ days of superior polish, no matter what life brings you. Set it and forget it.
Treatment Master Tech Nail Tech
Shellac Manicure £29 £27
Shellac Removal £13

INK London

INK London nail treatment
Ink London is a hybrid soak off gel polish and is designed to be of the highest quality ensuring a level of performance second to NONE. We offer a huge selection of Ink London Colours and glitters.

All Ink London products are manufactured in the EU, fully compliant with all EU Cosmetics Directives containing none of the prohibited substances found in most cosmetics of an American or Chinese origin. Every single raw material, even our product label is sourced from within the EU.
Treatment Master Tech Nail Tech
Ink London Manicure £29 £27
Ink London Removal £13


Calgel is a unique system offers one clear gel that can be used as a sculpture gel to build shape as well as length without the need for primers, base gels or finishing/sealer gels. Available in over 130 colours; Calgel colour gel can also be applied directly to the natural nail.
Calgel nail treatment
With only two layers of colour gel required to complete the treatment, our colour gel manicures are often referred to as an ‘Express Manicure’. Some technicians choose to finish with a layer of clear gel to help build and reduce any ridges in the nail and to create the perfect c-curve.

More about Calgel

Calgel is extremely hard wearing; its strength is in its flexibility as it acts as a shock absorber on the natural nail, removing the risk of chipping and cracking. This allows movement with the natural nail and reduces the possibility of breakage and snapping.

An optional layer of clear gel can be applied onto the natural nail prior to tip application to help provide extra protection and stability for those that need it. It is a permeable system, that allows moisture to pass through the layers of the gel, this moisture can evaporate helping to prevent lifting and for maximum adhesion.

As Calgeldoesn't interfere with the natural metabolic activity of the nail; no ‘break’ is needed between treatments . After proper removal, the natural nail will be damage free!
Treatment Master Tech Nail Tech
Calgel Manicure £31 £29
Calgel Removal £13

Elim Anti Ageing Manciures

The MediHand manicure system is based on Natural Science to encourage true healing of the hands. As with all of the products at Elim, this range is inspired by your body’s own wisdom and power. Ingredients are selected to strengthen and sustain the natural abilities of the skin.

Our hands are constantly exposed to the sun and as we age, we develop signs of ageing and pigmentation.
We specifically formulated this range to treat and reverse these signs of ageing through carefully combining health-giving Vitamins and Nutritive Minerals, all-powerful helpers in nourishing and improving skin tone.
Elim Manicure
Treatment Price
Express Elim Manicure £22
Deluxe Elim Manicure £27
Add on Elim Manicure
If having any gel application


IBX is a new conditioning treatment which promises to create nail strength from within the nail for even the most damaged nails. Using IBX is like adding an “insurance policy” into your nail to guard against problems from arising.

IBX is a revolutionary two system nail treatment. The first of its kind which works inside the natural nail to target imperfections, weak, thin and damaged nails to allow for stronger and healthier nails to grow long. There any many existing “nail strengthening fixers” on the markets which just sit on top of the nail, IBX does not.

The IBX concept “fills up” nail grooves, including splits, peeling and free edge delamination to smooth the nail plate and improve the natural nail colour and appearance.
Firstly, the IBX Repair is applied initially to the targeted damaged areas including splits, peeling and free edge delamination. It acts like ‘double-sided sticky tape’ to seal damaged areas together.

A heat lamp is then used to encourage the penetration of the product (similar to how butter melts into warm bread) and then the application of the second stage, IBX, is applied to the whole nail, cured using an LED lamp. When it is your first treatment, the IBX will be applied twice to the entire nail plate.
Treatment Price
IBX application & mini manicure £16.50
IBX addon when having full manicure £2.20

Nail Extensions

At The Ezina Sanctuary we use Builder Gel to create beautiful long nail, lasting 3 - 4weeks. We will either tip or sculpt depending on the condition of your natural nail.
Builder gel is flexible causing minimal damage to the natural nail. Builder gel can also be used as an overlay onto the natural nail giving it strength. We also DO NOT use electric drills, all filling is done by hand.

Please note we do not remove or infill nail extensions that have been done elsewhere.
Treatment Master Tech Nail Tech
Gel Nail Extensions (new set) £50 £45
Gel Nail Extensions (infills) £40 £35
Nail Extensions Removal £15


We are all different and have different tastes, at The Ezina Sanctuary we pride ourselves in recognising this and offer a wide variety of colours, glitters, and forms of artwork to cater for everyone's needs. We also offer different treatments allowing us to treat each individual dependant on what our client needs. One size does not fit all.
Treatment Price
Glitter/French £2.20
Stamping/nail stickers £2.20
Builder Gel £3.30
IBX £2.20
Aeropuffing half hand £2.20
Aeropuffing whole hand £5.50
Ombre £5.50
Hand drawn £5.50 per nail
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