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Hair Reduction

IPL is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which is becoming more and more popular. Shaving and waxing simply remove hair from the surface of the skin whereas IPL treatments use focused light energy to destroy the hair at the follicles.

It is important to note that complete hair removal is very unlikely in a single treatment. Typically most clients require around six treatments however this is dependent on the colour of your hair, thickness of your hair and colour of your skin. IPL targets hair in the active growth phase and you should expect hair reduction of around 10 – 25 percent per treatment. IPL works by transmitting energy across the skin and the energy is absorbed by the pigments in the hair shaft and transmitted down to the follicle. What this means is that the IPL targets the pigment. We find that IPL is most effective on clients with dark hair and light skin.
Consultation & Patch Test required at £35 and is deducted from any IPL treatment.

Book a course of 6 IPL Hair Reduction treatments and get the 6th free! (Must be booked and paid in full)
IPL Treatment
Top Lip £35
Chin £35
Side of Face £60
Lip & Chin £60
Chin & Neck £60
Full Face £75
Full Face & Neck £100
Neck £50
Fingers/Toes £35
Nipples/Navel £35
Underarms £55
Bikini £60
Hollywood £80
Lower Arm £60
Upper Arm £60
Full Arm £100
Lower Leg £90
Upper Leg £100
Full Leg £160
Full Leg & Bikini £210
Full Leg & Hollywood £230
Underarm & Bikini £100
Underarm & Hollywood £125

Skin Rejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment for skin rejuvenation, sometimes known as a photofacial, skin resurfacing or photo-rejuvenation, is a non-invasive process which helps to improve your skin’s appearance and texture. By volumising skin and stimulating collagen, IPL rejuvenation promotes the skin’s natural healing process and helps healthy tissue develop in place of visible scarring. Suitable for use on the face, neck, chest, IPL treatment is a proven route to smoother, better-looking skin.

IPL treatment can help reduce the visible effects of red, flushed skin, rosacea, broken capillaries, pigmented lesions, large pores, sun damage discolouration, mild acne and uneven skin tone.

How often do I need IPL?

Some clients see a result after just a single treatment, but we advise our clients that it usually takes two to five sessions before they begin to see a noticeable difference in their skin’s tone and texture.
Your skin is always subject to change as a result of sun exposure and the natural ageing process. After completing a full course of treatments, and once you are happy with how your skin looks, we recommend occasional “top up” sessions to keep the skin looking fresh. This may be necessary once or twice a year but will depend on your skin and how it responds to the treatment.

What should I do before or after a treatment?

No sun exposure or sunbathing for a minimum of four weeks before IPL treatment. During this time, daily application of SPF30 sun cream is advisable.

No false tanning products on the area for a minimum of two weeks before IPL treatment.

Please advise your therapist if you are taking any medication or if there are any changes in your medical circumstances prior to commencing IPL treatment.

After treatment, avoid sun exposure and sunbathing for a minimum of two weeks. Apply SPF50 sun cream to the treated area daily. Avoid additional heat to the treated area, such as steam rooms, saunas, or exercising for 24 hours.

Avoid applying any perfumed creams, soaps or lotions to the treated areas for 24 hours after IPL treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects from IPL skin rejuvenation are minimal. Some clients may experience varying degrees of localised swelling which can last for one to four days after treatment. Jo will discuss any possible side effects with you during your consultation. Some patients may have mild redness for up to 12 hours, but this usually subsides in less time. If treating pigmentation, you will notice the pigment initially getting darker for five to 10 days. And thread veins get darker before dispersing.

Acne & Rosacea (5 sessions recommended) Per Session
Chin £50
Nose £50
Cheeks £70
Cheeks, Nose & Chin £150
Book a course of 5 get the 5th free (Must be booked and paid in full)
Thread Veins (Face only, 5 sessions recommended) Per Session
Nose £45
Cheeks £65
Cheeks & Nose £100
Book a course of 5 get the 5th free (Must be booked and paid in full)
Pigmentation & Sun Damage (3 sessions recommended) PAYG
Small area £40
Medium area £80
Hands £80
Full Face £120
Book a course of 3 get the 3rd free (Must be booked and paid in full)
Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening (3 - 5 sessions recommended) PAYG
Face £100
Face & Neck £120
Face, Neck & Chest £150
Book a course of 5 get the 5th free (Must be booked and paid in full)

Radio Frequency

Radio frequency is the ultimate skin tightening technology. Combined with mechanical Lymphatic drainage and LED light therapy the Dermatherm RF Trio provides incredible results for both face and body.

Radio Frequency gives exceptional skin tightening results for those areas that can’t be targeted at the gym. Gentle waves of radio frequency are passed into the skin, creating comfortable heat in the lower layers. This heat kick starts skin functions that slow down with age, effectively making the skin behave as if it were younger. This leads to a tightening of elastin fibers, more collagen production and increased turnover of skin cells. This combination has a profound effect on the appearance of lines, wrinkles, loose, sagging skin and poor/ sluggish complexions.
The introduction of simultaneous vacuum suction and LED technologies aids toxin drainage and microcirculation.

Red Light: Stimulates the skins cellular regeneration, facilitating tissue repair & rejuvenation. Also stimulates the lymphatic system, aiding in lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and remove waste toxins. Encourages and supports the production of collagen.

Blue Light: Reduces inflammation & provides an anti-bacterial effect, an ideal treatment for acne prone skin and reduces excess oil production.
RF treatments are suitable for all ages and all skin tones. Treatments are appropriate for everybody, especially those looking to target excess or loose skin, scarring, stretch marks and facial contouring.
‘With treatments taking as little as 20minutes, it’s one of the fastest and most effective solutions for a whole host of face and body concerns.
Treatment Price
Single RF Facial £80
Course of 6
Booked weekly for 6 weeks and paid upfront

Chemical Peels

What is BioRePeel? It is an innovative medical peel, that uses patented 2-phase technology to provides a bio-stimulating, revitalising & peeling-like effect. It is one of the newest peels on the market from CMED AESTHETIC in Italy.

Bio Re Peel helps the prevention of skin aging. Prevention of fine wrinkles. Wrinkle treatment. Hyperpigmentation.
How does it work?
BioRePeel dissolves bonds between cells allowing it to gently slough off that dulling, top layer of skin, sans downtime, to reveal smooth and glowing underneath. While it exfoliates and removes that thorny top layer, it also stimulates new collagen, new elastin and new growth.

Results. A light chemical peel improves skin texture and tone and lessens the appearance of fine wrinkles. The results are subtle but increase with repeated treatments. If you have a medium chemical peel, treated skin will be noticeably smoother.
Treatment Price
Chemical Peel £85
Chemical Peel & Dermalux LED £105

Exceed™ Pen Microneedling

The Exceed™ medical microneedling device is the latest technology that’s quickly replacing dermal rollers and other anti-aging methods on the market.
12 weeks, 4 treatments, less than 1 hour per treatment to smooth, firm, young-looking skin.

Microneedling is a procedure designed to enhance and improve the complexion, activating the body’s natural regenerative processes to stimulate skins own collagen synthesis.

Very tiny needles are used to penetrate the top layer of the skin with a unique tilting needle plate. These micropunctures cause localised and controlled damage without affecting or scratching the epidermis like many other microneedling devices available. This process initialises skins re-generation, reorganization and reconstruction.

As a result, natural regenerative processes instigate skin rejuvenation and renewal. Exceed™ is one of the most advanced medical-grade automated needling device on the market and is the 1st and only double FDA cleared device for Facial wrinkles and acne scars.


If you have pigmentation, fine lines or scars, you may benefit from a Exceed microneedling treatment. Helping your skin to look clearer, healthier and smoother.
Treatment Price
Exceed™ Microneedling £100
Exceed™ Microneedling & Dermalux LED £120
Courses available at discounted price - please email [email protected] for more details

Cryopen - Removal of Skin Lesions

CryoPen is an innovative, high-performance cryosurgery tool to safely remove unsightly skin tags, warts, age spots and other benign skin lesions.

Cryosurgery offers a comfortable, quick and precise treatment with no stress and no downtime. It is also safe to use on delicate skin or around the eye area.

Treatments can be as quick as a couple of minutes for a basic skin tag with results shown in as little as 1 treatment. There is also no after-care needed for treatments.
Treatment Price
First Lesion £50
Extra Lesion when booked with first £10
If the lesions need a second treatment, this is charged at half the original cost.

For more details email [email protected] or book a complimentary skincare consultation online.
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