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List of Treatments |  Mani/Pedi


CND have created two manicure fragrances to help explore your senses and inspire your mood, our custom natural services will de stress the hands and nourish the nails.


At The Ezina Sanctuary, we do two types of pedicures:

Footlogix® is the world’s first and only Pediceutical® foot care line offering innovative products that provide effective and transformational results.

Footlogix empowers professionals with the ability to elevate pedicures to a new standard of excellence.

The Footlogix home care range provides fast and effective results for continuing use at home. Our unique products are lightweight, non-occlusive and easy to apply- leaving no greasy residue. Through our proprietary Dermal Infusion Technology® (DIT) active ingredients are carried into all the layers of the epidermis, helping to restore it to a healthy state.


With our Ultra deluxe pedicures we use only the best: Elemis. Their scientific objective has always been to provide skin and body care of the highest quality and efficacy. Blending superior botanicals and laboratory-made ingredients such as peptides and anti-oxidants, we create formulations that undergo meticulous clinical and consumer testing. We are dedicated to delivering products that visibly renew and enhance the appearance of skin, offering truly remarkable results.

List of Treatments |  Mani/Pedi